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21 march 2017 | Articles

Launching the european partnership Competencies for climate change education in vulnerable communities

By Oana Marin

For the moment the content of the article is only available in FR L’association REPER21 (coordinateur) et ses partenaires, l’association Connected by Nature (France) et la fondation Ecosistemi (Italie) ont démarré le partenariat stratégique Compétences pour l'éducation au changement climatique dans les communautés vulnérables (KA2, Education des adultes) avec l’organisation d’une intense [...]

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22 october 2016 | Articles

Societal responsibility and new governance

By Nathalie SORITA

«Societal responsibility and new governance : A challenge to innovate for European managers of social organizations » 15th of september 2016 in Dijon France   More than 130 managers, trainers and researchers from Luxembourg, Romania and France 0have participated to this conference, the final event of a project financed by the new Erasmus + 2014-2020 program[1]. The objectives of the project were to identify, formali [...]

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24 september 2016 | Articles

Let's change our way, let's change our life - Edgar Morin's call

By Bogdan Gioara

We invite you to read the Call of Edgar Morin written with the occassion of the University of Utopia, on 24th of September 2016. Our association REPER21, member of the Utopia World Mouvement , disseminates it to its friends and its partners.   We share his concerns, but also his conviction. Yes we can change course, yes we can change our lives! To succeed, we need "reliance". This is, according t [...]

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15 september 2016 | Articles

Scenario 2030 - prospective workshop

By Bogdan Gioara

How does the world we wish to live in look like? Did we develop the necessary intellectual tools to project the future and represent it in a coherent and likely way? What is sure is that we are not alone... So can we imagine a desirable future considering our shared values and wishing it will become our «common world»  Take a look at the questions asked by the representatives of IRTESS Bourgogne, IRTS Franche-Comté, APEMH an [...]

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3 september 2016 | Articles

Dans une lettre ouverte, les maires du C40 appellent leurs chefs d’Etat réunis au G20 à "bâtir un monde à faibles émissions de carbone”.

By Bogdan Gioara

Les maires du C40 (le plus grand réseau international de villes engagées dans la lutte contre le changement climatique) lancent un appel à leurs chefs d'État et de gouvernement, réuni en cette fin de semaine au G20 de Hangzhou (4 - 5 septembre 2016). A travers une lettre ouverte, ils leur demandent de travailler en partenariat avec leurs collectivités afin de mettre en oeuvre “le révolutionnaire Ac [...]

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